Why This Blog

Energy Services cover a wide range of topics all interrelated, such as Energy Management, Energy Efficiency, Energy Performance Contracting or EPC, Energy Supply Contracting or ESC, but also Electricity and Gas Supply, Energy control systems.

All these activities has in common the effort to utilize Energy in the most efficient, economical and sustainable way.

As a professional working in the Energy Services business, many times I made progress in my job by sharing own experiences, discussing business cases or simply brainstorming ideas.
This blog is just a way to bring this concept to the next level, allowing a wider community to get ideas, suggest technological solutions, comment on business models, and even ask for advise to solve an issue related to the energy management business.

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Andrea Pancotti
Energy Services Enthusiast
I am living the transformation of an Energy Supplier into a fully fledged ESCO and I am eager to share with other peers my experience, successes and failures. I have been working in the Energy Services business in Slovakia for almost 10 years and I believe the best is still to come.
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