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  • From Utility to ESCOA Utility Tale: from Energy Supplier to ESCO
    It started with the electricity market unbundling in 2007 and it ended almost 10 years later. Now we sell Energy Services to our clients, and electricity and gas are just some of those services. […]
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  • Energy Performance ContractEnergy Performance Contract (EPC): its Real Value
    Energy Performance Contract is the Holy Grail of Energy Efficiency Many of you surely came across with another type of EPC, which is a whole different story, and it’s not what this post is about.A few of you probably heard of an Energy Performance Contract. My experience says that even those few have not fully grasped the potential of it. In my opinion it is the Holy Grail of Energy Efficiency, the type of arrangement that every energy manager should strive to sign. For public institutions, […]
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  • It is not always easy to implement energy efficiency solutions within the corporate environmentBarriers to Energy Efficiency? Here’s How to Fix It
    Is Energy Efficiency giving you an headache? Energy Efficiency barriers to implementation of modernization projects are tough to break. You know you need to do it this time.I mean, there’s a ton of reasons. You need to do that technology upgrade.That compressor served you well for ages, but it’s clearly struggling now.New production machines will be soon delivered, they need better cooling. Of course, it’s a big cash out.Still those energy savings, if confirmed, will ensure a […]
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